Two new species of Taraxippus described.

Two new species of Taraxippus Moxey, 1971 are described and illustrated: T. samarae sp. nov. from Costa Rica and Panama and T. perezgelaberti sp. nov. from the Dominican Republic. Both sexes and the previously unknown eggs are described. The genus is recorded from Central America for the first time. A distribution map and a discussion of the distributional pattern of Taraxippus are provided.

Agathemera food plant news ...

meadow sweet (Filipendula) is no suitable food plant for Agathemera luteola "Capilla del Monte". Most of the nymphs die after some time, many of them even before their first moult. So for the moment Rhus and Cotinus are the only suitable food plants for Agathemera luteola "Capilla del Monte" here in Europe. More food plant tests are needed, and see the care sheet for detailed infos on breeding this remarkable species.