Agathemera food plant news ...

meadow sweet (Filipendula) is no suitable food plant for Agathemera luteola "Capilla del Monte". Most of the nymphs die after some time, many of them even before their first moult. So for the moment Rhus and Cotinus are the only suitable food plants for Agathemera luteola "Capilla del Monte" here in Europe. More food plant tests are needed, and see the care sheet for detailed infos on breeding this remarkable species.

6th J. O. Westwood Medal of Excellence in Insect Taxonomy

The panel for the 6th J.O. Westwood Medal for Excellence in Insect Taxonomy selected the monograph Revision of the Oriental subfamily Heteropteryginae Kirby, 1986, with a re-arrangement of the family Heteropterygidae and the descriptions of five news species of Haaniella Kirby, 1904. (Phasmatodea: Areolatae: Heteropterygidae) Zootaxa 4159: 1-219.
CONGRATULATIONS TO Frank Hennemann; Oskar Conle; Paul D. Brock & Dr Francis Seow-Choen