Astounding variety

Agathemera crassa is the Agathemera type species. Crassa (lat.) translates into fatty, plump, feist, and it does indeed quite accurately describe the basic appearance of many Agathemera's. Yet while their shape is quite similar across different species, one becomes amazed by the vast variety of colorations variations. This color variety and their interesting biology makes up for their somewhat plump appearance. Please find below photos of some amazingly colored Agathemera variations. The location is deliberately not mentioned, to protect any future research of this amazing yet somewhat understudied Phasmatodea group.

Agathemera elegans pair
Agathemera elegans male
Agathemera elegans male (Argentina!)
Agathemera elegans male
Agathemera luteola pair
Agathemera luteola
Agathemera male
Agathemera mesoauriculae male
Agathemerea mesoauriculae male
Agathemera mesoauriculae pair
Agathemera millepunctata pair