A new subgenus and species within Phylliinae described

A new subgenus and species of leaf insects from the island of Obi (Moluccas) has just been described

Abstract: A large species of leaf insect from Obi Island, Indonesia is here described as Phyllium regina n. sp.
which is currently only known from a single female specimen. With the description of this new species, and
review of its closest relatives, Phyllium caudatum Redtenbacher, 1906 and Phyllium riedeli Kamp &
Hennemann, 2014, these species share a unique set of characteristics that sets them apart from all other
Phylliidae. We here transfer these three species from the siccifolium species group of Phyllium (Phyllium) as
defined by Hennemann et al. (2009) into their own subgenus Phyllium (Comptaphyllium) n. subgen.,
based on the below discussed characteristics. In addition to the description of the new species and subgenus,
the unknown male Phyllium riedeli morphology is here described. To conclude, a distribution map for the
three species is presented, as well as a morphological key to the three species.


Cumming R. T., Le Tirant S. & Hennemann F. H., 2019.  A new leaf insect from Obi Island
(Wallacea, Indonesia) and description of a new subgenus within Phyllium Illiger, 1798 (Phasmatodea:
Phylliidae: Phylliinae). Faunitaxys, 7(13) : 1-9.  PDF avilable here: https://www.faunitaxys.fr/articles/

ZooBank: http://zoobank.org/576FD843-120A-49C3-B582-38BAB25C8D1C