Six new species of Orestes described from Vietnam

An extensive paper on the taxonomy of the Heteropterygidae genus Orestes Redtenbacher, 1906 (Dataminae) has been published in the "Belgian Journal of Entomology". The generic description of Orestes is slightly improved and the distinction from the closely related Pylaemenes Stal, 1875 is precised. The cephalic armature and its use for the distinction of species within Orestes is discussed and a key is presented to distinguish the species of Orestes from Vietnam and Cambodia. six new species of Orestes are described and figured from Vietnam: O. bachmaensis sp. nov., O. botot sp. nov., O. diabolicus sp. nov., O. dittmari sp. nov., O. draegeri sp. nov. and O. krijnsi sp. nov.. All, except for O. diabolicus sp. nov., are described from both sexes. Dares subcylindricus Redtenbacher, 1906 is removed from synonym with the type-species O. mouhotii (Bates, 1865).

Bresseel, J. & Constant, J. (2018): The Oriental stick insect genus Orestes Redtenbacher, 1906: Taxonomical notes and six new species from Vietnam (Phasmida: Heteropterygidae: Dataminae). Belgian Journal of Entomolog, 58: 1-62.